We love pecans.

We want to share pecans with the world and enhance that experience bringing in new flavors and ingredients into play.

Craft something new.

We don’t shy away from out-of-the-norm ingredients. An extensive process of free experimentation, trial and error resulted in these four carefully crafted recipes you know and love: Crazy Pineapple, Crunchy Joy, Nutty Chia, and Coco Twist.

But we won’t stop there. We’re constantly looking for new ways to combine different ingredients in refreshing and surprising ways.

Rethink the moment.

We seek that drive that takes us to new places, and that vision that allows us to look at things in a transformative light that makes the old a new. We want Yömms to be an invitation for you to try new things, and to constantly rediscover that which you find familiar.

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